15 Jul 2013 TimothyNargi


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Regent University - reveranceI just completed a spiritual formation class with Dr. Mara Crabtree. If you are a divinity student, I recommend you take her course. You will benefit greatly from her teaching.

While in this class, we were discussing spiritual disciplines. These include prayer, solitude, meditation, and being in the Word daily. During these discussions, a book was mentioned and I have since been vigorously reading this book. Read more

12 Jul 2013 TracyRuckman

Ever Ponder the Psalms?

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Regent University - writingLast session, I took a class that is possibly one of my top three favorites of all my classes thus far: Psalms. Going into the class, I admit I thought it might be a dry reading and history lesson more than anything else. Then I saw the textbooks, and worried that it would focus mostly on the poetry of Psalms. Although I am a writer, I’m not a poet, nor am I much a fan of poetry. I never have been one to “hunt for hidden meanings” and “read between the lines” so most poetry classes perplex me. Read more

10 Jul 2013 NathanStump

Komodo Dragon Sighting!

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In our search for all things fun in the Virginia Beach area, John and I found a real live Komodo Dragon, along with tons of other exotic animals. We stopped by the Virginia Aquarium to learn about fish, turtles, sharks, stingrays and more. The Aquarium is located only minutes from the Virginia Beach Oceanfront and is perfect for a rainy day or a an afternoon visit after you hit the beach!

Watch our second episode of Regent Local.

08 Jul 2013 KevinMills

The Delay Between Vision and Reality

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Regent University - field

I will not drive [your enemies] out from before you in one year, lest the land become desolate and the wild beasts multiply against you. Little by little I will drive them out before you, until you have increased and possess the land.

Exodus 23:29-30

Often we can find ourselves wondering where our original dreams and goals have gone. We began with a clear-cut vision and passion towards what we felt was our calling – our destiny. But somewhere in between our vision and destiny, our progress has seemingly begun to digress or disappear altogether. Read more

05 Jul 2013 TimothyNargi

The Blank Bible

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Regent University - BibleI read an interview done with John Piper and he was discussing those who are new to studying for the ministry. One of his recommendations was to pick an influential figure in the Christian faith, whether it be a theologian, apologist, or an evangelist, and become an expert on them. Well, I had already begun this path with my studies on C.S. Lewis.

However, this prompted me to see who Piper was influenced by. It was Jonathan Edwards. So I started looking into Edwards, and was immediately drawn in, mostly because he was alive during my favorite period in history, colonial America. As I was browsing articles about him on the Internet, I found one that struck a chord with me.

Read more

03 Jul 2013 NathanStump

Become a Regent Local!

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There are a lot of reasons why I love Regent, but one of best perks to being a student here is living in Virginia Beach! Virginia Beach and the surrounding area is rich in culture, history, recreation and entertainment. My friend John and I are spending the summer in Virginia Beach to explore Regent’s hometown and beyond! Through our video series, Regent Local, we’ll visit area attractions in and near Virginia Beach. We’ll hit the beach, take a short road trip to the Outer Banks, enjoy the tastes of Norfolk, and test our courage on some of Busch Gardens’ roller coasters  We’re excited for the adventure and hope you’ll come to campus and experience it with us!

Watch our first episode! In this video, we visit the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. The beach is only 20 minutes away from campus; you’ll find students studying by the ocean, running on the boardwalk or participating in local festivals and events.

Keep checking the Out of the Ordinary blog for more Regent Local episodes!

01 Jul 2013 RudolfKabutz

Driving in the Slow Lane

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Regent University - highwayAre you one of those people that prefer to drive in the fast lane? Well, I am wired this way so that whatever I am doing, I want it to move fast.

Just recently, the engine of our vehicle was overhauled. All the cylinders were bored out, new pistons and rings fitted, and many other movable parts replaced. After so many changes, all the new pieces of the engine need time to adjust towards each other. They need to settle in. For the first 1000 km I can only drive at a maximum speed of 100 km/h (~62mph). At the moment I am unable to drive in the fast lane, so I rather drive in the slow lane. Read more

14 Jun 2013 SeretaCollington

The Benefits of Praying for Our Country

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Regent University - prayWhen God was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, it was because of the wickedness of the people in the country. It was not because of one person or because of the government; it was because of the actions of those living within the country. Our own actions, even if they are small, can have vast effects on our country. I believe that praying for our country is the greatest action that we can take. Regardless of where you are living, if you believe in God, then your prayers should also be for your country.

The benefits of praying for our country are tremendous. Prayers for our country can: Read more

13 Jun 2013 JennaEdwards

It’s a New Season

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Jesus is always there—every step of the way. I know, first hand, that it is easy to get discouraged. It is all too easy to let this life distract us from our relationship with Jesus, but He is always there. Through homework, He is there. Through finals, He is there.  He just wants to love us and use us for His glory. Is there anything better? I hope this encouraged you, friends. Be blessed.There are times in life when we come to a crossroad. Whether we like it or not, a season is over and it is time to move on to the next place God has for us. Whether you are graduating, taking a break this summer, or just moving on to the next class or project—this life can be pretty hectic.

I am truly blessed with my life here at Regent. I love Virginia Beach and I love its people and the ocean. It is amazing. I adore my school. I love my job. Being a life group leader is such an incredible opportunity. Ending a semester can be rough. It can seem overwhelming, too fast, and sometimes it is easy to set aside our relationship with Christ to do other things. This world is so distracting. From the TV shows we watch to obsessions about the latest celebrity divorce or hook-up, it is far too easy to get caught up in distractions. Read more

10 Jun 2013 RyanArmes

Faith of a Child

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Jesus is always there—every step of the way. I know, first hand, that it is easy to get discouraged. It is all too easy to let this life distract us from our relationship with Jesus, but He is always there. Through homework, He is there. Through finals, He is there.  He just wants to love us and use us for His glory. Is there anything better? I hope this encouraged you, friends. Be blessed.

If you and I were having a conversation in the hallway and I suddenly stopped, looked both ways, firmly but politely grabbed you by the arm, pulled you to the side, and whispered to you in all seriousness, “Aslan is on the move!” you would probably consider discretely calling for some help out of concern for your own safety.  Unless, of course, you know who Aslan is and then you might chuckle and recommend that I take a short break from reading C.S. Lewis books  (just a short one though). Read more