06 Mar 2014 LeilaMills

Richmond Mission Trip Day 5

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Regent University - LaurenWe couldn’t think of a better way to spend Ash Wednesday. We worked with kids, served in houses and ended the evening with a special Ash Wednesday service.

Getting “Wacky:” Today was “Wacky Wednesday” where the students from CHAT get to choose electives such as cooking, sewing, JV basketball, and dancing. Half of our group helped out in these events while the other group of us went to the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club to tutor the younger kids. Read more

05 Mar 2014 LeilaMills

Richmond Mission Trip Day 4

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Regent University - paintingFrom painting projects, to tearing up carpets, our mission team served local homes and organizations. Towards the end of the day, we threw on our gym clothes and headed to the dodge ball and basketball courts. With a rainbow of foam balls flying, we engaged in an epic dodge ball tournament with a group of local middle schoolers and high schoolers. Read more about our fourth day in Richmond below from Esther and Emily.

The simple acts: This morning we had a devotional with Paul and Anna, two CHAT leaders, and the message was so on point. Paul spoke on the passage of John 15 and how Jesus is the vine and we are the branches. Even though pruning may seem like a hurtful process, it is all out of love. Paul also challenged us to tell God, “I know I’m going to see you today, help me to acknowledge you and see you in all things.” This really encouraged me because, although that may be my prayer many times, I don’t always act upon it. Regent University - activitiesHowever, today while my group cleaned out a house, I remember just scrubbing a toilet and finding the joy in that simple act. I realized that even though it may not seem like much, it is still ministry and it is act of praise. God has been teaching me to find joy in the small things because ministry does not always have to look like a busy schedule or doing big events. Today blessed me so much and I’m looking forward to more adventures tomorrow.

-Esther Acosta

Making Friends: Today was a full, but tiring day. We cleaned a whole rental house, including ripping up carpet, and we also got to hang out with the kids in the neighborhood at the gym. There were a couple of girls there who I wanted to connect with, but I felt intimidated by the year-long interns who already had an established relationship with the students. Regent University - dodge ballI decided to share my fear with our understanding leader, Jason, instead of just internalizing it. He encouraged me to just “go for it” and go up to the girls and say, “Hey, my name Emily and I’m going to be your friend.” I immediately decided that even though I only have a few days left here to develop relationships, “what do I have to lose?” I ended up making friends with these two amazing, loving girls. We had some small talk, played dodge-ball, and laughed about how I couldn’t pronounce their names. One girl hugged me and said she hopes she sees me tomorrow—success.

-Emily Kooiman

04 Mar 2014 LeilaMills

Richmond Mission Trip Day 3

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“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” – Proverbs 19:21

With a blanket of snow covering Richmond, we took the early part of the day to learn more about CHAT’s mission and serve them by completing tasks that will enhance their ministry. Read below to learn more about our experiences serving and residing in Richmond. Read more

03 Mar 2014 LeilaMills

Richmond Mission Trip Days 1 & 2

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The Regent University Richmond Mission Trip has officially begun. Over the course of the next week, students will facilitate the inner city children programs run by Church Hill Activities and Tutoring (CHAT). Regent students will be writing each day about their experiences. Check back on the Out of the Ordinary Student blog for updates. You can also follow the hashtag #RUatRVA on Instagram and Twitter to see live updates from the trip. Please be praying for our team as they serve the Lord and His people this week.

Regent University - Slave Trail WalkArriving in Richmond: Saturday afternoon we arrived in Richmond, unloaded our luggage, and headed straight for the Richmond Slave Trail. I had no idea that Richmond was the second largest city for slave trade and I did not know what to expect when we started the trail. We were told that the slave trail would be a couple hours of walking and it would also be a prayer walk, praying for the city, healing, and particularly race reconciliation. Read more

27 Jan 2014 TonyaJohnson

Willingness to Embrace Change

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Regent University - born againGood things happen when we are willing to embrace change and go with the flow. This is something I know all too well. What is this flow? God’s wonderful, awesome and powerful Holy Spirit.

A couple months ago, I did something that I never thought possible. While completing my culminating internship, I was asked by the principal of the internship site to conduct an assembly for grades 1-8.

In the past, I probably would’ve tried to wiggle my way out of it, but when asked, I accepted the challenge. No sooner than I said yes, he asked, “Do you think you could also do the Teacher’s Devotion and Assembly on Monday? Again, I decided to willingly submit by adding, “Sure. Yes I will do it.”

Afterwards, Mr. Bonifas took the time to give me some pointers about how he conducts the assembly and shared the theme for the week. The lesson I was scheduled to share was taken from John 3:3 about how to be born again.

The morning of the assembly, I was going over my notes in the auditorium when a friendly little girl with a bubbly disposition came over to ask me what I was doing. After sharing what I was about to do, she replied, “What is born again?” I took that as my cue to share a mini version of the lesson. Read more

29 Dec 2013 LeilaMills

One Semester Down, One to Go!

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Regent University - Costume PartyFinals week is done and now I can rest easy. Well, that is almost true. All of my on-campus classes have concluded, but I still have a week’s worth of work for my eight-week class on small group communication.

This semester hasn’t been any more or less difficult than my other semesters, but it has been different. Knowing that every annual event like the Chili Bowl, the Costume Party, Pancake Feast, and Winter Ball will be my last produces a sense of nostalgia that I did not expect.

Regent University - Christmas BallIt’s not like I don’t want to graduate. I do! Regent has prepared me to go into the world and be a Christian leader but it has also provided me with such a loving community that I know in the end it will be hard to go. Maybe those feelings will fade into excitement with this upcoming semester. I’ll let you know, but until then I’m just going to relax the days away–and by relax I mean complete as many of my Christmas Break Bucket List items as possible!

Leila’s Christmas Break Bucket List

  • Start looking at jobs.
  • Sleep 8 hours every night.
  • Improve my cooking skills.
  • Volunteer at the food bank.
  • Watch all the Christmas movies!
  • Think about building a tree house.
  • Read all the Chronicles of Narnia.
  • Work on my standup comedy act.
  • Experience Christmas at Williamsburg.
  • Get as many pictures with Santa as possible.
  • Plan out community events for my life group girls.
  • Get through as much of my Netflix queue as possible.
  • Purge my room of unnecessary material possessions.
  • Complete some of the crafts on my Pinterest “If I was DIY Savvy” board.
  • See all the good movies that are coming out with friends and family  (i.e. “Saving Mr. Banks,” “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug,” etc.).

Regent University - Pancake Feast

Wish me luck! What is on your Christmas Bucket List? I’ll let you know how my list goes if you share with me yours! Sound good? Great! I’ll see you after Christmas Break!

23 Dec 2013 RudolfKabutz

7 Steps for Planning a Low Carbon Footprint Holiday

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Regent University - Robertson Hall

Living according to the lifestyle of the so-called “developed world” needs the resources of about three worlds to sustain. While our daily routines have a significant impact on the environment, our holidays impact the scarce resources of this world even more. How can we plan holidays with a smaller carbon footprint?

  1. Travel shorter distances to nearby holiday destinations.
    In contrast: traveling to destinations that are far away uses much more jet fuel or petrol, which depletes the limited oil reserves and pollutes the environment.
  2. Choose small, rural accommodations such as private farms or cottages, which might be utilizing more natural sustainable resources.
    In contrast: visiting large holiday resorts or hotels might sound attractive, but these enterprises use huge amounts of energy for building materials, food, water and electricity. Read more
14 Nov 2013 RudolfKabutz

Can you? Can I? Can We?… Be Change Agents?

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Regent University - street signsOr should everything inside of us and around us rather remain the same?

Those of us who follow Jesus are encouraged to be “change agents” for themselves, for the individuals around them, and for society. Read more

13 Nov 2013 NathanStump

A Worthwhile Transition

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Regent University - Nathan StumpIt was the fall semester of 2011. I stepped out of my van after a long, thirteen-hour drive and walked onto Regent University’s campus for the first time in my life. Being from Michigan, I never had the opportunity to travel such a long distance and experience Regent before classes started. I  just had to hit the road running. I really had no idea what awaited me. I tried my best to research the culture, beliefs, and atmosphere, but in the end, I would have to experience all of it firsthand. While Regent University was extremely different than  everything I’d known, I found that this exciting change would exceed my expectations!
Read more

08 Nov 2013 LeilaMills

New School Year, New Experiences

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Regent University - Flag football

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Well I am neither old nor a dog but I am a senior at Regent and that counts for something, right? The point I’m trying to make is that I’ve been doing a lot of the same things every year at Regent. I do homework, I study, I work, I serve in some sort of leadership position, I socialize, and repeat. Well this year, I’ve decided to try something new to extend myself a bit further. Read more