06 Mar 2013 NicoletteAnderson

NYC Mission Trip Day 3

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The amount of amazing opportunities and moments that happened today is crazy! Starting the day at 7 am with breakfast, we went to a ministry class and took a trip to the St. Johns Bread and Life soup kitchen where my team and I were able to put together over 400 bags of food for the victims of Superstorm Sandy who are still suffering from major loss. That night was children’s ministry, which totally blew my mind.

IMG_1244The whole team made complete fools of themselves for the kids and I absolutely loved it! My wonderful boyfriend, Ryan, let a little girl draw all over his face with face paint. Other people were covered in balloon animals, and I got my hair done by little hands. It was just so refreshing to be completely wild and have fun with kids who go back to crazy home lives.

The day ended with an incredible debrief and time of breakthrough for a lot of people.  Then came the best part of the day. A bunch of us were super hungry and restless so we found a pizza place still open where we ended up worshiping in the back and praying over the hilarious, outgoing owner! What an amazing day!

-Jacqueline Satterfield

05 Mar 2013 LeilaMills

NYC Mission Trip Day 2

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We’re back with another update from the New York City mission trip! We have a packed schedule, but the Lord is faithful and has kept up our energy! Here are a few updates from the different groups on the trip. Read more

03 Mar 2013 NicoletteAnderson

NYC Mission Trip Day 1

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We have officially embarked on our mission trip to New York City! Our team is excited to share our travels with you from the road. Here are a few brief updates from the four different groups on the trip. Read more

01 Mar 2013 LeilaMills

Embarking on the New York City Mission Trip

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Regent University - NYC mission tripSpring Break is quickly approaching! A time to relax, catch up on sleep, and mentally prepare for the end of the semester…or at least that’s what I thought I would be doing earlier this semester . All my plans changed one late night after UnChapel at the local International House of Pancakes. My friend told me she wanted to go on the Campus Ministries spring break mission trip to New York City. I was excited for her and congratulated her on the decision, but was utterly unprepared when she requested that I go with her. Read more

01 Mar 2013 RyanArmes

The Great Commission and Global Opportunity

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Regent University - Student CenterGlobalization is a touchy subject for some people, and understandably so. On the extreme end, talk about and movement towards a one-world government, currency and economic system often arouses concerns of tyranny, deculturalization and the fusing of many “faiths” into one so-called religious system. Many of the associated ideas of globalization do attempt to challenge the teachings and sovereignty of God’s Word, and it is upon us as Christians to hold firm to our Biblical foundations in spite of the popular global socio-political, economic and psuedo-religious movements. There is, however, an aspect of globalization that we as Christians need to understand and embrace. Read more

27 Feb 2013 JennaEdwards

Where Would I Be?

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“Train up a child in the way he should go;
even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Proverbs 22:6

Recently, I was speaking with my friends from home in West Virginia and we started talking about how we were raised and what we believe and why we believe it. Regent University - campus at sunset

During this conversation, I became so appreciative for the way my mother raised me. I don’t know where I would be today if it weren’t for God leading her and showing her how to do things and at all times, giving her the strength to do so.

Walking around Regent University, I realize that without God directing my mother, I wouldn’t be here. Read more

25 Feb 2013 SeretaCollington

The Power of Positive Thinking

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Regent University - beach

I know the phrase “power of positive thinking” is a cliché, like one of those self-help seminar slogans, but when we renew our mind in Christ we need to harness the power of positive thinking. This is not an easy task. The enemy preys where he knows we are the weakest.  Our mind and heart are our weakest links. If we can harness the power of positive thinking into every situation by allowing the Holy Spirit to be our guide, our lives can change, tremendously. With the Holy Spirit as our Guide, we can change in a permanent manner.

The secret weapon is practice. Practice can become perfect when we ask the Holy Spirit to assist us.  With God’s help, I have started taking the steps to positive thinking on a daily basis: Read more

22 Feb 2013 MadelineWenner

A Good Teacher

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Regent University - Madeline skiingI went skiing for the first time in my life over Christmas break. It was a humbling experience; falling down and getting tangled up while six-year-olds zoomed past certainly deflated my ego a bit. I was truly fortunate in having my fiancé, Nate, with me the whole time. He was beyond patient with me. He smiled when I glared up from my powdery mess, helped me up, and gently corrected my posture, ski positions, and movement.

I realized that whether you are skiing for the first time or sitting in a college classroom, a good teacher will act with patience, humility, and a bit of good-humor.

A good teacher shows more patience than he feels, but there are some things he won’t let slide. Read more

20 Feb 2013 JaniceDaynette

Sharing Joy

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Regent University - EllieI love seeing my church family on Sunday mornings. The opportunity to worship God with my church family blesses me each week. Each Sunday, the early morning praise team gathers to briefly run over the service order, the songs, and to pray together. After we prepare for the service, there’s about 15 minutes of precious time when we can walk around the sanctuary to meet and greet guests and members before our service begins. On two particular Sundays, I had the pleasure of speaking to two little girls who happily witnessed the act of discipleship and connected me to His joy. Read more

18 Feb 2013 ChenzyGraziano

Commons Life

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Hi everyone! Here is a quick tour of my room in the Regent Commons. In this video I show you my desk, favorite posters and room items, and of course, the Ramen noodle stash.