14 May 2013 AmandaMorad

Dinner on the Pacific

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Regent University - PacificPicture this. Rustic wood and linen umbrellas. Waves crashing on a rocky shore. Palm trees and string lights under a blue and orange sunset. Dreamy, right? This was the setting of our alumni dinner Sunday night in the Pacific Palisades, just north of Santa Monica. Several alums gathered with students and friends of Regent for a night of networking under the stars.

We connected with alums who now work for DreamWorks, ABC Family and Disney. Some are starving artists making it work out here while others have hit their stride and are on their way. They gave us advice on moving out here: “Rent in North Hollywood.” And on keeping your faith strong in a hostile environment: “You have to have people. The loneliness is more damaging than anything.” We asked them questions and they shared their stories…and their business cards. Read more

10 May 2013 AmandaMorad

When Hollywood Takes You By Surprise

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Regent University - LA viewLos Angeles. Land of possibilities—a world unto itself where anything is possible. We’ve been here less than 12 hours and already, the Regent Hollywood Experience is going off-book. Once all 13 of us made it to our apartments (pictures and videos forthcoming), we had a welcome meeting. You know the type: introductions, information overload, lots of questions about what to expect.

But this particular meeting also included just the kind of surprise all of us have been anticipating for months. Award-winning filmmaker Christine Swanson, who isn’t on our speaker roster but is a film school friend of Regent professor Booker Mattison, just stopped in to meet and share with our group. Completely impromptu. She shared her story, her triumphs, her failures, and her advice to budding writers aspiring to make our mark on this crazy business one day. Read more

09 May 2013 HopeAmmen

Swinging into Spring

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April is typically known as the month of pranks. I may not be most ambitious when it comes to playing pranks, but I am certainly keeping busy as the semester comes to a close. In this video, learn about what it’s like to be a senior with one month left till graduation. From job plans to road trips to random acting gigs, the month of April was certainly full of adventure!

07 May 2013 WendyHarris

Have a Safe Trip!

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Regent University - Summer bikingHow many times have you heard or declared this phrase? Yet, how many times have we seriously thought about what that means? As an occupational safety professional, I can say that I frequently think about the specifics of having a safe trip, as we want all of our employees to travel safely. Naturally, I want the same for you. Now that summer has arrived, Regent students will drive home to families, take cross-country road trips and study across the country and globe.  In this post, I want to share some tips from a National Safety Council Safety and Health Fact Sheet, on preparing for your next getaway. Read more

04 May 2013 MadelineWenner

Smile Mile

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Regent University - Neptune 5K11:00 am. Race day. I tighten the laces of my running shoes and try to keep my nerves under control. Breathe. I ran track in high school and am no stranger to road races, so this should be easy. A single mile. No need to set a personal record. I have one goal: keep track of a single seven-year-old…in a crowd of thousands. Piece of cake, right? Read more

02 May 2013 LeilaMills

On a Mission

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Regent University - Leila mission trip

Wow! I’m glad I threw out my preconceived notions of what a short-term mission trip is supposed to look like, because God completely blew my mind! I had such a great experience that I don’t even know where to begin.

I guess the beginning is the best. We arrived tired, yet excited in New York City knowing that we would unpack, have dinner and then head to the streets of New York for homeless ministry. Our group of about 50 was broken up into several different teams. My team, number three, we named “Benny and the Jets,” first went to a homeless shelter to give out supplies and pray with people.

There, I met a man who told me his story. Read more

30 Apr 2013 RyanArmes

A Table in the Presence

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You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. - Psalm 23:5

Regent University - cross

When I was going through a very difficult time in my life, my mom mailed me the book, A Table in the Presence: The Dramatic Account of How a U.S. Marine Battalion Experienced God’s Presence Amidst the Chaos of the War in Iraq, by Navy Lieutenant Carey H. Cash. The book shares details of God’s intervention into the mission of the First Battalion, Fifth Marine Regiment during its 2003 advance into Iraq from Kuwait by the battalion’s chaplain, . It’s simply an amazing testimony of God’s love, power, and sovereignty. Read more

26 Apr 2013 RudolfKabutz

The Broken Bicycle Spoke

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Regent University - Broken bicycle spokeWhat’s that noise? I was gently cycling on a smooth road. Suddenly, I heard a disturbing noise coming from the rear wheel of my mountain bike. This sound was unfamiliar, different from when a blade of grass or twig was tangled in the mechanism. I stopped quickly and had a look. It was pretty obvious – one of my spokes had broken! I bike very frequently, I’ve been on many adventurous trails, zipped over many rocks, and navigated through countless challenging valleys. The spokes were always fine. But now, suddenly, my bike’s wheel was experiencing what engineer’s call “metal fatigue.”

What do you do with a broken spoke? It would be easy to just bend the spoke out of the way so it wouldn’t make noise every time the wheel turned. I could continue riding, and wouldn’t even notice that the wheel had one-less spoke. But I knew I wouldn’t be able to jump over obstacles or ride over large rocks, because then even more spokes would break. If I carried on riding, one spoke after another would fail and eventually the whole wheel would come off. Read more

24 Apr 2013 HopeAmmen

The Life Group Life

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Regent has over 15 Life Groups on campus! Life Groups are small groups that build community among students and create an environment of love and accountability. Hope gives us a glimpse of what it is like to be a Life Group Leader while attending “Leadership Lab,” a monthly training session for leaders in Campus Ministries.

22 Apr 2013 JoshuaWilliams

Regent Dance Team

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Regent has many clubs, groups and student organizations on campus. This video features Regent’s very own Dance Team! The Dance Team has performed at a few of Regent’s staple events, including the Christmas Ball and Chili Bowl.