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01 Dec 2014 JaclynHenegar

The Small Voice of Solitude Responses

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Regent University - solitudeLast month I proposed this challenge: Purposely position yourself in a place of solitude by going somewhere with just you and the Lord. Don’t distract yourself with anything else (not even your Bible). Go walk around outside or drink tea at sunrise or whatever/wherever it is you find peace. Let the Lord speak to you in that peace as He wishes and have the patience to listen.

Below are responses from two students who accepted the challenge.

Breanne Thornton, Regent Serves Apprentice, said:

After placing myself in solitude this week, I honestly didn’t have any original intentions of sharing my experience. As I sat in the quietness of the empty chapel, I found it difficult, nearly impossible, to focus on God, let alone hear from Him. Only moments after beginning this silence, I found myself saying, “This isn’t for me.” So, I promptly bumped the challenge right off my to do list.

However, one evening at UnChapel we were encouraged to pick a spiritual discipline to focus on. I was convicted, and I was immediately reminded of my experience just the night before. God reminded me of something He did say. He told me solitude is for me. Just because silence is a challenge doesn’t mean it isn’t something God wants me to learn. Read more

10 Oct 2014 JaclynHenegar

Responses to Worship and Confession

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Regent University - ChapelLast week I blogged about worship and confession and challenged the student body to spend one full worship song confessing to the Lord. I asked two student leaders from Campus Ministries to respond to this challenge. Read their reflections below: Read more