Amanda Morad

MFA in Script & Screenwriting

On-campus Student

Charlotte, NC

Coffee keeps me awake...story keeps me dreaming. I'm a writer, but not a brooder. I'm creative, but never late. I'm Type A, but my room is a mess. I'm a go-getter and a procrastinator; a planner who likes to be surprised. I add items to my to-do list just to cross them out, yet forget to put the peanut butter away when I make a sandwich. And they’re letting me blog.

Carl Rogers

BA in Cinema Television

On-campus Student

Stanfield, NC

Film, apologetics, Star Trek, Duct tape, North Cackalacky- enough said.

Video Blogger

Eileen Park

BA in Cinema Television

On-Campus Student

Kansas City, MO

I'm a Jesus-loving Korean film junkie who has a passion for prayer and the Muslim world. I also enjoy traveling, cultures, singing, and a cup of barley tea!

Frederick Jones II

BS in Business

Online Student

Atlanta, GA

Joyfully married, expecting father who believes his son and future generations should receive spiritual, not just material inheritances from their fathers.

Hope Ammen

BA in Cinema Television

On-campus Student

Roanoake, VA

I'm Hope, a girl that gets entirely too excited about bike rides, traveling, picnics and pretty much anything beautiful and lovely this world. My Cinema-TV major is a desire to find that it beauty in the world, as it ultimately calls us back to God. I am graduating in May and hope to take me adventures cross-country to LA.

Janice Daynette

M.Div Practical Theology

Online Student

New Bern, NC

Proud mom of 2 teenage girls, hailing from the birthplace of Pepsi. First African-American girl on the Girl Scout Cookie Box in 1973. Striving to make the most of the precious time God gives me each day.

Jenna Edwards

BA in Christian Ministry / BS in Psychology

On-Campus Student

Shinnston, WV

So in awe of seeing God move in the diversity and unique experiences of day-to-day college campus life at Regent! I bake to relieve stress and LOVE spicy foods. How much? Hand me a jalapeno and see.

Joshua Mitchell

BS Information Systems Technology

Online Student

Springfield, MO

I was born and raised in southern Missouri and grew up playing soccer, participating in drama, and doing Bible drills in Sunday School. I was 12 years old when I accepted the Lord Jesus as my Savior and gave my life to Him. My goal at Regent is to obtain a degree in Information Systems Technology and become a software developer who uses my skills to advance the Kingdom of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Joshua Williams

BA in Cinema Television

On-Campus Student

Movock, NC

I am a random invididual who enjoys eating chicken almost everyday. I like watching movies, especially super hero flicks!

Video Blogger

Jonathan Salmen

BA in Biblical and Theological Studies

Online Student

Columbiana, OH

Aspiring pastor and theologian. Travel-lover. Following Paul’s example to “ know nothing except Jesus Christ and him crucified,” as a daily challenge in my own life.

Kevin Mills

BA in Leadership Studies

Online Student

Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada

I am currently seeking a Bachelor of Science with a major in Organizational Leadership (Focus on Leadership) and minor in Psychology, since both fields are intimately intertwined. Furthermore, this will aid me in better facilitating personal growth within myself and those whom I have the privilege to be an influence to.

Leila Mills

BA in Communication

On-Campus Student

Virginia Beach, VA

Living every day like a mini vacation! Born and raised in VA Beach, VA. Fond of bucket lists and cupcakes. Spending my time trying to find the path the Lord made for me.

Video Blogger

Linda Owen

M. Ed in Adult TESOL

Online Student

Franklin, NC

Retired Navy Vet. Wife. Mother. Grandmother. Part-time missionary. Traveler. Chief among sinners.  God's mercy, grace, & faithfulness carry me through every season, including this new one: grad student.

Madeline Wenner

BA in English

On-Campus Student

Stamford, NY

Driven by hope. Drawn to the extraordinary in the ordinary. Determined to convince my French horn that I am a friend, not a foe.

Nicolette Anderson

BA in Cinema Television

On-Campus Student

Mantua, NJ

From a small town in South Jersey - I love being goofy and making people laugh. I dream of seeing the world and telling the stories I encounter with my camera.

Video Blogger

Nathan Stump

BA in Cinema Television

On-Campus Student

St. Johns, MI

I'm a taxidermist, baseball enthusiast and an excellent badminton player.I started making movies as a kid and have a filmmaker ever since. My dream job is to be a video or television series host!

Ryan Armes

MA in Organizational Leadership

Online Student

Evansville, IN

Kung Fu blackbelt. In an alternate world where I’m not petrified of audiences, I’d be an actor. Would offer you peanut butter for your sandwich, but I’m currently finishing the last spoonful as I type.

Ryan Johnson

MA in International Politics

Online Student

Colorado Springs, CO

Disaster photographer and media liaison for Operation Blessing who has a long-standing love affair with coffee.

Rudolf Kabutz

MA in Strategic Foresight

Online Student

Pretoria, South Africa

Future and media fanatic desiring to impact African communities for God’s Kingdom. Mountain biker, outdoorsman, and lover of sweetening life with a little chocolate.

Sereta Collington

MA in Practical Theology

Online Student

Baltimore, MD

Blessed with a great family. Passionate about Christian Spirituality. In love with the Almighty.

Tonya Johnson

M.Ed. in Christian School Program

Online Student

New York, NY

I am blessed with a wonderful family and believe that nothing is accidential, but carefully orchestrated and presented by an all-wise, all knowing, all powerful and mighty God. Praying daily to be a willing instrument in His divine plan.

Timothy Nargi

MFA in Screenwriting

Online Student

Woodbridge, VA

Find me playing ice hockey (go Rangers!), kayaking, or visiting historical sites with my wife. I believe film and sports can be an excellent platform for setting an example on how to live like Christ and for Christ.

Tracy Ruckman

BA in Biblical and Theological Studies

Online Student

Canton, GA

At 48 years old, I’m a non-traditional student, spreading the Good News one digital continent at a time as an official online missionary with Global Media Outreach.

Chenzy Graziano

BA in Cinema Television

On-campus Student

Smithtown, NY

A loud New York Italian boy who talks with his hands and loves film. Back to the Future is my favorite movie.

Video Blogger

Wendy Harris

Ed. D. Distance Education

Online Student

Missouri City, TX

Married mother of three working in occupational safety and health for a large international oil and gas services company.