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18 Sep 2014 RyanSmith

The Legacy Left Behind

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Regent University - Orientation LeadersIn June, the monotonous slow crawl of summer was broken by the sounds of laughter and shouting as incoming freshmen flooded Regent’s campus. It was SOAR, Summer Orientation Advising and Registration, and droves of young high school grads had traveled from all over to come get their first glimpse of Regent as an accepted student. A large banner flew high over the Library Plaza and bright colors adorned every doorway – blue, orange, green, purple, pink, and red. Regent was coming to life, not in an eerie way like Frankenstein’s monster resurrected from the dead, but more like the budding blossoms of spring that seem to remember their old song as the sun calls them forth. Now the sun was shining on me, and in the same way, an old forgotten song from my own time here at Regent had begun to stir deep inside my chest. I recalled earlier days when I first stepped on that very same brick-paved plaza. Read more

01 Aug 2014 RyanSmith

Show Me Your Ways

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Regent University - Summer ChapelThe red double doors of the Chapel building are propped open and soft music plays as people flock into the sanctuary of Regent’s Chapel. Smiling student volunteers stand in the aisles and welcome incoming guests as they greet one another and make their way to their seats. The music stops, the congregation prays, worship begins, and in a matter of minutes the speaker steps behind the podium and the message begins. Up to this point, it seems to be a typical University Chapel. However, this is not the case.

During the school year Regent hosts its University Chapel every Wednesday afternoon from noon to 1pm in the Chapel building. It is a time for Regent University staff, faculty, and students to come together for a time of prayer, worship, and fellowship as they devote one hour of their workday to the Lord and celebrating the Body of Christ. Speakers include local pastors and leaders, such as Dr. Paul Hardy, as well as international speakers like Heidi Baker and Bishop T.D. Jakes. It is a wonderful time to come together and glean from men and women all over the world and how God is moving in and through them.

However, during the summer, things change ever so slightly. Read more

06 Jun 2014 RyanSmith


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Regent University - Virginia BeachIn the summertime, Regent takes on a new personality. Classes slow down and the buzz of student activity dies down to a quiet hum. As the heat outside goes up, it seems life in general has started to cool down.

By the time the school year was coming to an end, most of my peers had already begun buzzing about what they planned to do with their summers. The majority of them were headed back home, setting out to see past friends, work old jobs, and loaf around as much as possible. Others were going out to complete internships – boosting their resumes and gathering new life experiences. Another group chose to leave the country, spending their free months travelling the world and serving the Lord through missions.

I, on the other hand, had opted for a different path. Read more