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08 Apr 2013 NicoletteAnderson

Gospel Fest 2013

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Regent University Chapel is a time when the entire Regent community comes together for an hour of worship. A special Gospel Fest concluded  the February Chapel series on Black History Month. Here’s a quick video of the dancing, singing and fellowship from that special Chapel. It’s exciting to think that next year’s Gospel Fest will be in our brand new Chapel building!

10 Mar 2013 NicoletteAnderson

NYC Mission Trip Day 7

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Regent University - tourists

Thank you again to all who have been praying for us this week. Before we left for Virginia Beach we just had to spend a day being New York City tourists! Here is the final update from our trip!

Starting off our free day at 6:30a.m. was not my first choice, but getting the perfect lemon donut and some nice Starbucks coffee made everything better! Sightseeing and some famous food places were in store for us today. Between the World Trade Center, Central Park, and Rockefeller Center, I was toured out. I also had the chance to go to Ellen’s Stardust Diner for lunch and Magnolias bakery for a wonderful Cinderella cupcake!

Regent University - FAO Schwarz

Have you ever been to the huge Toys-R-Us right in Times Square? I have and I love it, being the four-year-old that I am at heart, but I was never allowed to ride the Ferris wheel inside of it. For the first time ever, my boyfriend, Ryan (who is slightly afraid of heights), took me on the Ferris wheel, and it was perfect!  Some of our other groups members embraced their inner child and went to another big toy store, FAO Schwarz, where they played the big piano keyboard. Then, dinner in Little Italy with the whole group and a long subway ride back ended the long and cold but pretty awesome free day.

-Jacqueline Satterfield

08 Mar 2013 NicoletteAnderson

NYC Mission Trip Day 5

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Regent University - NYCThanks to all who have been praying for us as we minister to those in New York City. Here is our latest update!

Today was definitely different than the other days. My team and I got the opportunity to serve on a relief bus in Harlem. The bus was so cool and efficient; there was so much to offer people in need on such a small bus. The back was dedicated to handing out clothing and hygiene products, as well as praying for people. The people receiving lined up and gave their names. The line went one by one with someone calling out names and we checked off what the person received. In the middle of the bus, out of a window on the side, we gave out soup, bread and hot chocolate to anyone who wanted it. Then the front was dedicated to people looking for housing and job opportunities to sit down and meet with a local volunteer.

Regent University - subwayWe also picked up trash outside and talked to the people waiting. It was hard being there because everyone spoke Spanish and very little English, if any at all. The people knew we didn’t speak any Spanish, so not many wanted to hold a conversation with us. It was also one of the coldest days here and was raining on and off. I would have to say that today has been the hardest day, but still very rewarding to see the happiness and thankfulness of the people who received help today!

–Jacqueline Satterfield

06 Mar 2013 NicoletteAnderson

NYC Mission Trip Day 3

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The amount of amazing opportunities and moments that happened today is crazy! Starting the day at 7 am with breakfast, we went to a ministry class and took a trip to the St. Johns Bread and Life soup kitchen where my team and I were able to put together over 400 bags of food for the victims of Superstorm Sandy who are still suffering from major loss. That night was children’s ministry, which totally blew my mind.

IMG_1244The whole team made complete fools of themselves for the kids and I absolutely loved it! My wonderful boyfriend, Ryan, let a little girl draw all over his face with face paint. Other people were covered in balloon animals, and I got my hair done by little hands. It was just so refreshing to be completely wild and have fun with kids who go back to crazy home lives.

The day ended with an incredible debrief and time of breakthrough for a lot of people.  Then came the best part of the day. A bunch of us were super hungry and restless so we found a pizza place still open where we ended up worshiping in the back and praying over the hilarious, outgoing owner! What an amazing day!

-Jacqueline Satterfield

03 Mar 2013 NicoletteAnderson

NYC Mission Trip Day 1

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We have officially embarked on our mission trip to New York City! Our team is excited to share our travels with you from the road. Here are a few brief updates from the four different groups on the trip. Read more

13 Feb 2013 NicoletteAnderson

The Longboarders

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The closest thing to soaring like a bird is riding on a longboard. In this video blog, I featured one of the groups on campus that contribute to the unique culture at Regent- the longboarders.