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22 Oct 2014 BrianTaylor

Reading at Regent

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Regent University - LibraryOne of the greatest things about the month of October is the fact that all around the country, people are celebrating National Book Month. his is special tome because I love reading books. In fact, one of my dreams is to become a published author. To that end, I’ve spent quite a few hours perusing the library on campus at Regent University. I count it a privilege to know that so many great authors have studied and graduated from here. What’s even greater is that some of their works can be found here. Read more

16 Oct 2014 BrianTaylor

It Only Takes a Moment

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Regent University - praise and worshipIt is probably one of the least thought of things to do for some people, and invariably, it is quite likely the most powerful thing that can change things in the life of a person. What is it? Devotion. We often know that it is something that will strengthen our relationship with God throughout our daily walk, but to see it implemented and incorporated as a teachable moment in the classroom can be one of the most radical and life altering things that a person can ever experience.

I’ve been in several classes throughout my time at Regent University, and the one thing that I can guarantee is that even beyond the opportunity to share your own devotional reflections in a classroom setting, which gives you such insight into how others view God and their relationship with Him, it also gives you insight to your own relationship and how close or even how far you are from what you thought your relationship with Him is. Read more

09 Oct 2014 BrianTaylor


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Regent University - professor and studentWe can laugh about it now, but as children many of us watched shows like Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood and Sesame Street. We were enamored by the interactions that took place between the different characters. Whether it was Ernie and Bert, Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus, or Mr. Rogers and all of the people in the Land of Make Believe, we all saw what it meant to be in community. On Sesame Street in particular, you’d often see the importance in getting to know the people in your community by singing the song “Who are the People in Your Neighborhood?” Read more

02 Oct 2014 BrianTaylor

Getting Connected at Regent University

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Regent University - fountainAs I listened to our Chancellor, Dr. Pat Robertson give his inaugural address at the Chancellor’s Chapel, I was reminded that in everything that we do, no matter how big it becomes, it begins in seed form. As is customary of the first Chapel of the year, Dr. Robertson recounts to the students, faculty and staff of the humble beginnings of Regent University. The key point in it all for me is found in the scripture he quotes which says, “Despise not the day of small beginnings (Zech 4:10).” Read more

25 Sep 2014 BrianTaylor

When It All Comes Together

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Regent University - CAS AssemblyThings can all come together for you in ways that you don’t expect. This weekend alone, I had the opportunity to see the premiere of a movie called the Holy Ghost Movie, attend my local church where the subject was dealing with community, and participate in the first CAS Assembly event dealing with the subject of exiles. It all fit together so uniquely in the context of the earlier admonishing of Pastor Dan Backens, the speaker from Regent University’s 2014 Convocation.

The event that was held on this Monday dealt with what it means to be an exile  as a Christian. You get so many opinions of that word, and you see even greater how people have felt as a result of their own personal experiences. From one point, you realize that you’re not so different from someone else. In another aspect, you begin to see how someone who has had a different experience is more closely connected to you. In other words, you find your common ground. Read more

22 Sep 2014 BrianTaylor

Come, Holy Spirit

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Regent University - Convocation Director of Campus Ministries, Jason Peaks said, “It has been a tradition for generations that  Regent University dedicate its new faculty, staff and student leaders to the tasks of service” during the annual Convocation Service. Convocation is meant to be something that not only consecrates each person in the employ of Regent, but also to bridge the faith and fellowship of all who matriculate through the year of education, ministry, and worship.

Speaking at this years convocation was local pastor and Regent University alum Pastor Dan Backens, who is the senior pastor of local New Life Providence Church, a ” 5000 member multi-ethnic, multi-campus church in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Norfolk, Virginia.” Read more

15 Sep 2014 BrianTaylor

You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

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Regent University - communityAs we begin the process of a new school year on campus at Regent University, there is all kinds of buzz going around in the wake of the recent deaths of both Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall; especially in light of the circumstances surrounding the death of Robin Williams. Both of these actors made great contributions to the world of film and stage. Read more

15 Aug 2014 BrianTaylor

In Times Like This

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Regent University - sunsetThis week was not an easy one for me and my family. We spent the week in mourning as my grandmother made her transition to her eternal home in Heaven. While I can honestly say that I nor my family grieve as others might grieve who have no hope, it is no less disheartening knowing that the presence of my grandmother is no longer with us physically. In traveling back to my home in Baltimore, Maryland, I took note of the many changes that had taken place, not only in the geography, but also in many of the people that I have known over the years. Read more

02 Aug 2014 BrianTaylor

All In How You Face Your Mountain

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Regent University - mountainsMy family and I recently visited nearby Mt. Trashmore. It’s a local park with all sorts of activities you can participate in. There are trails where you can literally walk around the “mountain.,” which is actually a large man-made hill that used to be a landfill (thus the name). There’s a lake and all sorts of food trucks with unimaginable treats. You have a spot where live concerts can entertain you, as well as a play area where kids of all ages can run and play around until their little hearts are content. My children even climbed a couple miniature mountains that were designed just for them.

While my family and I were there, one of the things I observed was the number of people who went up the actual mountain. Some chose to go up the steepest part, while others went up the side with the easier path. There were those who chose to take the stairs, while others only went as far as the middle point. Then you had some who went to that same middle spot, took a breather, and then went on their way to reach the top.

It reminded me how each of us has a choice in life. We all face mountains in our lives. Some of us will face it head on and run head long for the top while others will choose to stagger their trek. There will be some who will go part way and rest before going the distance. The greatest thing that you can do when you are facing a mountain is making the decision to do it.

Each year, thousands of students are choosing to come to Regent University with various goals, whether it’s to give themselves a better life and career, to get equipped to change a nation in the call that God has put in their heart, or to discover who they really are as a person. Whatever the reason may be, understand that it all begins with making a decision.

You don’t have to face the mountain in some cookie cutter way. The way God set things up for me isn’t and won’t be the same way God sets it up for someone else. We each see the beginning of the journey and know that there is a pinnacle to reach. There are great people we’ll meet on our climb, and the pace is attainable. I encourage you today to see the mountain, not as a mission impossible, but as wholly attainable. No matter what challenges have been put before you, with the right perspective, and a determined heart, you can make it.

07 Jul 2014 BrianTaylor

Charity Is Love

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Regent University - serviceI’ve spent my entire life with a chronic illness known as Sickle Cell Anemia. I, like my father before me who died when I was only eight years old, have faced many hardships. But God has been very gracious in that He has not allowed me to endure as many other who are like me. My personal trials have included severe leg ulcers that have prevented me from walking for months at a time; chronic joint pain that caused debilitating swelling in my hand as a child, often to three times the normal size; and I also have pulmonary hypertension, medical speak for high blood pressure in my lungs, which makes it difficult to pump oxygen throughout my body. Read more