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Not Used for Purpose Intended

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Regent University - Not for Purpose IntendedA long time ago, WAY back in 2002, Rick Warren published a book simply titled, “The Purpose Driven Life.” Since then, the book has become the bestselling hardback non-fiction book in history, and is the second most-translated book in the world, after the Bible. Apparently, there are a LOT of people who want to know what their purpose is, and also how to live according to that purpose.

Businesses often outline a purpose, usually referred to as their “mission statement.” Regent University’s mission statement is: “[To serve] as a center of Christian thought and action to provide excellent education through a Biblical perspective and global context equipping Christian leaders to change the world.”

What about you? Do you have purpose statement? Do you believe that you have a purpose to your life?

The Bible says you do. God designed you with a purpose in mind. Yes, God designed you with a broad, global purpose (to worship Him and glorify Him) but also a very specific purpose–one that only you can accomplish.

In the “real world” outside of being a student at Regent, I work in finance. In banking, we have a special stamp that says, “Not Used For Purpose Intended.” We use it when a check was written for one purpose, but for whatever reason (a misspelled word or a changed mind), can’t be used.

At one point in my life, that stamp could have been placed on my forehead. “Not Used For Purpose Intended” in big, bold letters. I wasn’t living according to my purpose–worse yet, I didn’t think I had a purpose. After years (yes, YEARS–I am not a fast learner, apparently!) of prayer and searching, I stumbled on this verse:

“You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit and that your fruit should abide, so that whatever you ask the Father in my name, he may give it to you.” (John 15:16, ESV)

According to this verse, not only do I have a purpose, but Christ specifically appointed me for that purpose. No one else can do what I was meant to do.

I don’t want to live my life without purpose. I don’t want my life to testify that I was “not used for purpose intended.” God didn’t call me to a life of mediocrity and ho-hum existence. Going back to school is part of that purpose. So is raising my three children. Where I work and worship, what I write, even who I share life with–those are all part of my purpose.

So… what’s your purpose? And what do you need to do to fulfill it?

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