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Memories of My Father

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Regent University - fatherI don’t know about you, but Father’s Day holds a great place in my heart. Sure, there are many holidays that I can say that about, but as a man who is now going into his fifth year as a father, I can appreciate it with a certain perspective that I never dreamed possible before. The day I married my wife, fatherhood was a sort of package deal, since she was already raising a young one. Although the idea of a ready-made family had not been on my radar when I first imagined myself as a married man, I did however hope that I’d have the opportunity to try.

When I was growing up, I had a great father. He was the kind of father that a young boy would be proud of and want to be like. I think I’ve been quite blessed to have had a father like him, because through him, I think I’ve had a good model of what my Heavenly Father is like, and therefore see Him as such a good God. Only problem was that I lost my father when I was eight years old. So much of what I could hope to learn about being a father could not come from him. Questions that I’d eventually have, I could never ask him.

In the five years since I’ve been married, we’ve rounded out our family to a party of five, giving me the opportunity to raise two children from the womb and to see them in such a way that I can only imagine is probably how my own father saw me. Since Father’s Day always falls on a Sunday, it generally means that my family and I begin our day in worship, giving thanks to God who is our Heavenly Father. What I love about God is that there are no questions that I can possibly have about fatherhood that He cannot anticipate or answer. He is always there, ready, willing and able. Through His written word, through our pastor, fellow laborers in the ministry, and others whom God so generously puts in our path can illuminate for us what we need.

In my time here at Regent University, I’ve had another layer of help in seeing what fatherhood is like, as well as an opportunity to follow in his footsteps. My father left a legacy not only in ministry but also in education. Regent is connecting me to my own path to legacy, as well as giving me practical strategies for how to be a better man, father, son, minister, and citizen.

When I reflect on the recent College of Arts & Sciences events that were held over the last year, I think of the insights they gave me into many of the vices and virtues that we all face in our lives. I believe through them I’m more able to not only avoid the vices, but also to help others do likewise. There can be no doubt that this Father’s Day will be a memorable one, not just because of my own father’s legacy, but because of the rich tapestry that my Heavenly Father has woven over the years.

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Brian Taylor

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Married for 5 years to one amazing woman of God, and father to three amazing children. I am continually amazed by God's grace and love towards us. I've seen challenges that only he could have brought me through.

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    Brian, thank you for sharing your story! It is so amazing to know that we can call God our Father and that He is there when we need Him the most. Great Job!

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