17 Jun 2014 BrianTaylor

Repurposed for Now

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Regent University - Student studyingWhen the economy began to take a downturn, it hit me and my growing family hard. I know for a fact that I wasn’t the only one being affected. Many who were working with me in the town where I was born were struggling with the challenges of a changing climate in the aviation industry. My wife was fortunate to be in a career at the time that allowed her to work from home; it was one of the benefits of the pioneering age of social media. She could literally work from anywhere in the country.

It freed us to be able to move to a warmer climate further south to a place that would be better for my health, since I was born with the chronic illness Sickle Cell Anemia. It also presented us with the potential for some other business opportunities that we had hoped to take advantage of and build a place for our family that eventually grew from three to five very quickly.

However, that all changed once my wife’s job was severely impacted by the rapidly changing social media landscape. It resulted in my wife being let go from her job and us losing the quaint new four bedroom house that we had just moved into. We lived out of a hotel for a year before God blessed us with an apartment. In that time, we were literally living on the mercy and grace of God. We were like the people of Israel wandering through a wilderness. It was in this season that God began to repurpose me for a new phase of my life.

When I was originally in Maryland, I was an ordained elder in one of the largest Protestant church affiliations. As a son of a preacher, God saw fit to call me just as He had called my own father. However, in our move south, God began to shift the direction of what that personal ministry was going to look like for me and my family. I began by enrolling in college; I had not received my degree prior to this, and part of my new purpose would require this retooling. Though I was surrounded by many Christians in the school I was in, it did not possess a Christian emphasis that I was yearning for to help shape my evolving biblical worldview.

Regent University - beach Bible studyMy wife discovered an opportunity that led us to move to Virginia Beach and attend Regent University, which not only allowed me to further my education and get the biblical worldview that would further foster the new direction God had us on, it also placed my wife in new job that could potentially lead to a new avenue in social media for a well-known Christian organization.

I have often told people that I’ve felt somewhat like a John the Baptist; in that though he was born in the order of the priesthood, his call was to the wilderness to prepare the way for Christ. I in a somewhat similar fashion am being repurposed to ministry that is a different form than the original path I was on. This season that I am now is one that I am being better equipped for by the education I am receiving, the friends I am making, and the heart I am developing for others in and throughout my community and beyond. Ministry in the marketplace and beyond has become my focus, and the future has never looked brighter for me or my family.

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Brian Taylor

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Married for 5 years to one amazing woman of God, and father to three amazing children. I am continually amazed by God's grace and love towards us. I've seen challenges that only he could have brought me through.

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