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A Worthwhile Transition

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Regent University - Nathan StumpIt was the fall semester of 2011. I stepped out of my van after a long, thirteen-hour drive and walked onto Regent University’s campus for the first time in my life. Being from Michigan, I never had the opportunity to travel such a long distance and experience Regent before classes started. I  just had to hit the road running. I really had no idea what awaited me. I tried my best to research the culture, beliefs, and atmosphere, but in the end, I would have to experience all of it firsthand. While Regent University was extremely different than  everything I’d known, I found that this exciting change would exceed my expectations!
I grew up in rural farmland in central Michigan. We enjoyed simplicity and rarely spent leisure time in suburban places or in the city. All of this changed when I began my journey at Regent University. My first experience of southern culture was a stop to Chick-fil-A with my life group leader. We do not have Chick-fil-A’s in Michigan,  I got a wake-up call to the most popular fast food restaurant amongst Regent University students.

I also began to get more accustomed to suburban culture. All forms of entertainment drastically changed. The Octobers filled with hunting and harvest times now were spent playing football and working on film sets. Winter months that I used to spend skiing I now spent playing basketball and working on more film sets.

Throughout this whole transition I was surrounded by friends, RAs, and Life Group Leaders who walked every step with me. They gave their best efforts to ensure that my transitions were as smooth as possible. They were with me in the best times and in the worst times. After living on Regent University’s campus for 3 years, I can say yes, the transitions were many and were hard, but because of the people, I have found the encouragement and companionship to thrive while studying here at Regent University.

Nathan Stump

BA in Cinema Television

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St. Johns, MI

I'm a taxidermist, baseball enthusiast and an excellent badminton player.I started making movies as a kid and have a filmmaker ever since. My dream job is to be a video or television series host!
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