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The Olive Tree: The Pillar of Life

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Regent University - crestAccording to the Mother Nature Network, trees frame life, providing shade, oxygen, food, homes, heat, and of course, building materials. They also overlook our first kisses and marriage proposals (http://www.mnn.com). One of the most cited trees in the Bible is the olive tree, its fruit the heart and soul of Mediterranean cooking. The olive tree is a remarkable plant that has an enriched ancient usage in history. The Hebrew word for “olive tree” is es shemen, which literally means ‘tree of oil.” It is from a primitive root meaning, “to shine.” It means “richness, anointing, fat, and fruitful, oil, ointment, olive.” It is related to the word shemesh, “to be brilliant,” which is the Hebrew word for“sun,” that brightly shining orb in the sky (http://www.triumphpro.com). 

The oil symbolizes beauty, honor, joy, and favor, four attributes you can also find symbolized around Regent’s campus.

The campus is flushed with natural beauty. If you take several minutes to stand in the open area diagonal from the library, counter from the student center, you can sense the ocean breeze, witness the squirrels taking their fair share of acorns, and hear the birds singing and watch their majestic flight.

Regent’s crest on the inside and outside of the each building signifies honor, reminding students of their call to be a representative of Christ in the world.

Joy fills the campus because students actually live out what they carry: their Bibles. Whether hard copy or digital, students are often found consuming the Word of God.

Lastly, the favor of God surrounds the campus like a fortress where students desire to achieve academic excellence and discover their callings to become Christian leaders who change their world.

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