01 Jul 2013 RudolfKabutz

Driving in the Slow Lane

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Regent University - highwayAre you one of those people that prefer to drive in the fast lane? Well, I am wired this way so that whatever I am doing, I want it to move fast.

Just recently, the engine of our vehicle was overhauled. All the cylinders were bored out, new pistons and rings fitted, and many other movable parts replaced. After so many changes, all the new pieces of the engine need time to adjust towards each other. They need to settle in. For the first 1000 km I can only drive at a maximum speed of 100 km/h (~62mph). At the moment I am unable to drive in the fast lane, so I rather drive in the slow lane.

What does it feel like driving in the slow lane? I see the other cars shooting past and know that if I were to travel at their speed, I would get to my destination much faster. Instead of driving amongst the smart new sporty cars, I am driving amongst the trucks and the older slower cars. I feel odd being in this slow lane. But I also notice other things. The wind is not howling as much at these lower speeds. I am feeling a lot more relaxed while gently cruising along. And I actually become at peace about the fast cars shooting past in the other lanes.

Changing lanes also happened in my life. I have experienced testing times in my life so that my physical, emotional and spiritual engines needed to be overhauled. I have had to slow down significantly and be at peace about moving at a different speed than what I desire. My recent course on “leading change” taught me that deep organizational change is only possible when deep significant change happens amongst leaders. This is difficult. Also unsettling. Change is probing the very core of my being and beginning to shape who I think I am and what is important to me. At the moment, I realize that I need to be quiet, relax, and be refreshed. This is good.

What next? I wonder how soon I can pull my car into the fast lane again. Yet at the same time, I am asking myself if I really want to drive there. Maybe not. Even in my life I may want to live at a different pace. I hope to be living with purpose, with significance, and possibly in a different lane.

Rudolf Kabutz

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Pretoria, South Africa

Future and media fanatic desiring to impact African communities for God’s Kingdom. Mountain biker, outdoorsman, and lover of sweetening life with a little chocolate.
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