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31 Jul 2013 FrederickJones II

The Olive Tree: The Pillar of Life

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Regent University - crestAccording to the Mother Nature Network, trees frame life, providing shade, oxygen, food, homes, heat, and of course, building materials. They also overlook our first kisses and marriage proposals ( One of the most cited trees in the Bible is the olive tree, its fruit the heart and soul of Mediterranean cooking. The olive tree is a remarkable plant that has an enriched ancient usage in history. The Hebrew word for “olive tree” is es shemen, which literally means ‘tree of oil.” It is from a primitive root meaning, “to shine.” It means “richness, anointing, fat, and fruitful, oil, ointment, olive.” It is related to the word shemesh, “to be brilliant,” which is the Hebrew word for“sun,” that brightly shining orb in the sky (  Read more

25 Jul 2013 NathanStump

A Regent Roadtrip

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It’s summer time. You know what that means – road trip! John and I took a Regent Local road trip to the Outer Banks, North Carolina. The Outer Banks is only a little over an hour away from Regent University. We grabbed some snacks and hit the road for a day of soaking in the sun at the beach, learning about flight history at the Wright Brothers Memorial and flying kites in the sandy landscape of Jockey’s Ridge. There’s so much more to do in the Outer Banks, you’ll just have to visit for yourself!

Watch our road trip unfold in the 5th episode of Regent Local

20 Jul 2013 NathanStump

A Seaworthy Sight: Nauticus and the Battleship Wisconsin

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I needed some serious lessons in boat building; allow me to offer a short back story. Each year, the Regent Commons hosts the Regent Regatta, an annual makeshift boat race across the Commons’ pond. I competed in the Regatta during my freshman year and to say the least, my team really needed an S.O.S. Our boat, tragically named the Titanic,  lead us to failure, and in turn, sunk my dreams of winning another boat racing event.

When I learned that the Battleship Wisconsin was in Downtown Norfolk, I decided to pay Nauticus Museum a visit to find tips and tricks for building a better boat. As it turns out, Nauticus was full of history and interactive exhibits. We highly recommend you check this place out!

Check out our 4th episode of Regent Local, featuring Nauticus and the Battleship Wisconsin.

18 Jul 2013 WendyHarris

Prayer – Monologue or Dialogue?

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Regent University - theatreMy daughter has begun memorizing a monologue for her theatre class. As she started this effort, we had a brief discussion about the difference between a monologue and a dialogue. It made me think back to my prayer times and wonder if this was more monologue than dialogue. Having a dialogue with God can be a difficult thing.

It is my belief that humans are culturally programmed to fill the void. I see this in my occupation when conducting corporate training sessions. As trainers, we refer to the ‘7 second pause’. If I ask a question, it is intended to create discussion and interaction, but occasionally, audiences can be more difficult and resist the interaction. However, I have found that almost without exception, if I can hold myself back for 7 seconds, someone will eventually respond. After doing this a few times, I find the audience warms up to the idea of the interaction and there are fewer hesitations. Read more

16 Jul 2013 NathanStump

Ahoy to Downtown Norfolk

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One thing to mark off my bucket list  – talk with a pirate! In our latest episode of Regent Local, John and I scoped out Downtown Norfolk during the annual Harborfest. Not only did we discover some of the best local food and coffee joints, we also got a taste of the high seas! Harborfest featured pirate lessons, old sailing ships and tons of unique food vendors. We even learned about the origin of the word “Argh” from a pirate!

Downtown Norfolk is about 15 minutes away from Regent’s campus; it’s a hub of culture, food and entertainment. With a shopping mall, international restaurants, concert venues and museums, visitors can spend days experiencing all that Downtown Norfolk has to offer.

Watch our third episode of Regent Local featuring Downtown Norfolk and the Harborfest.

15 Jul 2013 TimothyNargi


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Regent University - reveranceI just completed a spiritual formation class with Dr. Mara Crabtree. If you are a divinity student, I recommend you take her course. You will benefit greatly from her teaching.

While in this class, we were discussing spiritual disciplines. These include prayer, solitude, meditation, and being in the Word daily. During these discussions, a book was mentioned and I have since been vigorously reading this book. Read more

12 Jul 2013 TracyRuckman

Ever Ponder the Psalms?

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Regent University - writingLast session, I took a class that is possibly one of my top three favorites of all my classes thus far: Psalms. Going into the class, I admit I thought it might be a dry reading and history lesson more than anything else. Then I saw the textbooks, and worried that it would focus mostly on the poetry of Psalms. Although I am a writer, I’m not a poet, nor am I much a fan of poetry. I never have been one to “hunt for hidden meanings” and “read between the lines” so most poetry classes perplex me. Read more

10 Jul 2013 NathanStump

Komodo Dragon Sighting!

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In our search for all things fun in the Virginia Beach area, John and I found a real live Komodo Dragon, along with tons of other exotic animals. We stopped by the Virginia Aquarium to learn about fish, turtles, sharks, stingrays and more. The Aquarium is located only minutes from the Virginia Beach Oceanfront and is perfect for a rainy day or a an afternoon visit after you hit the beach!

Watch our second episode of Regent Local.

08 Jul 2013 KevinMills

The Delay Between Vision and Reality

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Regent University - field

I will not drive [your enemies] out from before you in one year, lest the land become desolate and the wild beasts multiply against you. Little by little I will drive them out before you, until you have increased and possess the land.

Exodus 23:29-30

Often we can find ourselves wondering where our original dreams and goals have gone. We began with a clear-cut vision and passion towards what we felt was our calling – our destiny. But somewhere in between our vision and destiny, our progress has seemingly begun to digress or disappear altogether. Read more

05 Jul 2013 TimothyNargi

The Blank Bible

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Regent University - BibleI read an interview done with John Piper and he was discussing those who are new to studying for the ministry. One of his recommendations was to pick an influential figure in the Christian faith, whether it be a theologian, apologist, or an evangelist, and become an expert on them. Well, I had already begun this path with my studies on C.S. Lewis.

However, this prompted me to see who Piper was influenced by. It was Jonathan Edwards. So I started looking into Edwards, and was immediately drawn in, mostly because he was alive during my favorite period in history, colonial America. As I was browsing articles about him on the Internet, I found one that struck a chord with me.

Read more