15 May 2013 AmandaMorad

The Webseries

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Regent University - Writers' RoomSo we’re in Los Angeles to write a webseries, right? But what’s it about? Writers simultaneously love and hate that question. They love that someone’s interested in their work, but they hate that the question forces them to summarize—almost trivialize—what they devote their time and passion to for hours, days, weeks, months at a time. Nonetheless, here’s the TV Guide version of the series we are writing throughout the trip:

“The mystery of the hotel night manager unravels as the bellhop and the desk clerk engage with the guests he draws there who come to stay and leave a little of their brokenness behind.”

It has a bit of a Fantasy Island structure as guests come in expecting one thing and leave with their souls a little more in-tact. Ideas for guests have included everything from prostitutes to prom-goers, and while we think we’ve settled on 7 of the episodes, everything’s still on the table. Each episode will be about 5 minutes long, and we’ve got a lot to cram into a 5-7 page script.

At this point, we’ve paired into writing teams and submitted outlines for proposed episodes to our executives, which we will start hashing out at our next “Writers’ Room.”

Speaking of which—whoa. Just whoa.

Writers’ Room is chaotic, crazy and invigorating all at once. Invariably, the range of emotion swings from “I want to dig a hole under the table and crawl into it” to “excuse me while I thank the Academy.” Ideas are flying (and falling), creativity is high, caffeine is flowing, and sometimes it can be overwhelming.

No matter how you cut it, writing television is hard, hard work. Some in the room are beginning to see it’s the kind of work they want to devote their lives to. Some are on the fence, and others still are glad to have the experience and will leave it at that. J It’s certainly not a craft for every writer, but those among us who love it are emerging from the criticism and rejection inspired and hungry for more.

Amanda Morad

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Coffee keeps me awake...story keeps me dreaming. I'm a writer, but not a brooder. I'm creative, but never late. I'm Type A, but my room is a mess. I'm a go-getter and a procrastinator; a planner who likes to be surprised. I add items to my to-do list just to cross them out, yet forget to put the peanut butter away when I make a sandwich. And they’re letting me blog.
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