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The Blessing of a Guilty Conscience

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Regent University - campusAt the beginning of the year, I decided to do things differently and to be a better person than I was the year before. My pastor’s theme for our church is “Greater than….,” a nice theme that opens our eyes to the fact that with the power of God, we can do great things.

One thing I’m learning is to appreciate my guilty conscience. When I do or say something wrong, that still, small voice is letting me know what I did or said that was wrong. When I hear this voice, I immediately feel guilty and say a quick prayer or apologize to a person I may have offended. I believe that this still voice is necessary for us to be better than ever because without that still, small voice:

1.      We may never acknowledge to God that we are wrong;

2.      We may forget what we did earlier when we are confessing our sin;

3.      Our sin may build up, and the devil will use it against us later on; and,

4.     If we do not have a guilty conscience, the opposite is a disaster.

I have heard of people who say they don’t feel guilty because that’s the way they were made. I believe that God gave us each the option to know what is wrong or right, regardless of if we believe in Him. But, when we give our lives to Him, our options get better.

If you have a guilty conscience, then you are blessed. Now, the next step is to act on it.

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