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NYC Mission Trip Day 6

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Regent University - Brooklyn BridgeI can’t believe our week of ministry is almost over! We have been learning so much and are grateful for this opportunity to serve. Here is a recap from our final day of ministry.

Today, our last day of ministry, was a bit sad; but it also gave us a drive to do even more than we had done the previous days. We started out as a whole group doing a prayer walk on the Brooklyn Bridge. It may have been a cold and windy day, but the ability to pray for all of New York City by walking on the bridge into Manhattan was such a privilege.

Regent University - dinerOnce we got off of the bridge, we were given three dollars each and got into groups of 3-5 for our “urban plunge.” The money was given to bless people on the streets of Manhattan. I was in a group with Nicolette Anderson and Ryan Evans. We were able to bless a man with a subway sandwich, a drink, chips, money, a Bible verse, and prayer! After our urban plunge, the whole team helped Superstorm Sandy victims in Coney Island by going door to door with food, heaters, scarves, and cleaning supplies.

We ended the day with a fun dinner in a typical New York style diner.

-Jacqueline Satterfield

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