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29 Mar 2013 MadelineWenner

Dust to Dust

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Regent University - students prayingAs I took my seat at the start of Ancient Political Philosophy, Abby smiled and opened her mouth to say something. I expected her to comment on the book in my hand (I like to read on my way to class), but instead she made a brushing motion on her forehead and said, “You know you have—is that for—?”

“For Ash Wednesday? Yeah,” I said, realizing she was looking at the sooty mark on my forehead. Read more

27 Mar 2013 EileenPark

A Day in the Life of Me!

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Life as a college student is so much fun! Between class, study time, devotionals, chapels, work and friend hangouts, I keep pretty busy. Here’s an inside look at what I do on a typical day at Regent University.

25 Mar 2013 SeretaCollington

The Blessing of a Guilty Conscience

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Regent University - campusAt the beginning of the year, I decided to do things differently and to be a better person than I was the year before. My pastor’s theme for our church is “Greater than….,” a nice theme that opens our eyes to the fact that with the power of God, we can do great things.

One thing I’m learning is to appreciate my guilty conscience. When I do or say something wrong, that still, small voice is letting me know what I did or said that was wrong. When I hear this voice, I immediately feel guilty and say a quick prayer or apologize to a person I may have offended. I believe that this still voice is necessary for us to be better than ever because without that still, small voice: Read more

22 Mar 2013 MadelineWenner

Procrastinating Like a Pro

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Regent University - students in classSomewhere between the slacker and the model student sits the procrastinator. Plagued with worries about a mountain of work and allured by the distractions of Facebook and Pinterest, the procrastinator rarely finishes a paper more than twenty-four hours before it is due.

Some are procrastinators by choice, others by necessity. I stand with a foot in each camp: because I work and go to school, I find myself in many last-minute scrambles; but I often waste free time when I get it. If I’m used to doing projects in crunch-time, why should I start them two weeks early? It becomes a vicious cycle, so while I get my snippets of free time, a full eight hours of sleep or an actual day off become increasingly rare. Read more

20 Mar 2013 TracyRuckman

Do You Need a Hobby?

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Regent University - cookingDuring our recent school break, I decided to take time off from work too. I asked my Facebook friends for hobby ideas. Most of them laughed at me, knowing I had little time to take up anything, but I needed to do something with my time. I’m not one who can sit for hours in front of a TV watching movies. And I don’t have the budget to travel like I wish (Travel is indeed one of my passions).

I actually rested and enjoyed free time with my husband the first few days, but then cabin fever set in. We decided to take a couple of days just to loaf around town, and that’s when I discovered a new hobby.

I’ve tried crocheting – but it bores me easily. I thought about painting – but I have less artistic ability than a flea.

In our outings, we gravitated to farmer’s markets and grocery stores and there I discovered (admitted) I’m passionate about cooking. I miss cooking for my husband because my busy schedule usually reduces us to homemade burgers, or quick 30-minute throw together meals. And it had gotten boring. Read more

14 Mar 2013 JaniceDaynette

No Room in New Bern

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Regent University - Winter homeAs part of our Christmas events, the children of our church participate in La Posadas, a nine-day celebration of Mary’s nine months  carrying the baby Jesus. The children follow Mary and Joseph door to door, asking for room to stay for the evening. As one of the homes participating (actually it is my office, conveniently located across the street from the church), I was ready this particular Sunday morning to respond to the homeless couple. Mary and Joseph asked, “Do you have room for us to stay for the night?” For those of us answering the door, our line was “I have no room.” Mary and Joseph then walk to the next location and finally arrive at a church nativity scene. This simple reenactment brings the Christmas story to life for the children and adults in our church each year.

Last year, I had unlocked my door and was waiting for Mary and Joseph to arrive. Before they came, another couple appeared at my door. I wasn’t open for business, but a young couple walked right in. I was expecting Mary and Joseph, so I was a little confused to see this modern couple at my door. Read more

13 Mar 2013 TimothyNargi

Why “Out of the Ordinary?”

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So this blog is titled “Out of the Ordinary,” but no one has written up what this title refers to. At first glance you may think it means something away from the normal, something special. Now that’s part of it, but the Ordinary for Regent students is a place, not a condition. It’s where we get our food!

Regent University - Ordinary

The name comes from colonial times (so does Regent’s architecture) and an ordinary was a tavern providing a meal at a set price. Read more

11 Mar 2013 TonyaJohnson

Starting the New Year with an Old Principle

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adoptionThe Principle: Preserve the sanctity of human life

I learned from reading one of the awesome textbooks here at Regent University that during the times of the early Christian church, Christian men and women were instrumental in putting God’s Word into action by reaching out to those in need and taking in large numbers of children who were considered unwanted and had no homes.

The low value of life among the Romans was a shocking affront to the early Christians, who came to Rome with an exalted view of human life. Read more

10 Mar 2013 NicoletteAnderson

NYC Mission Trip Day 7

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Regent University - tourists

Thank you again to all who have been praying for us this week. Before we left for Virginia Beach we just had to spend a day being New York City tourists! Here is the final update from our trip!

Starting off our free day at 6:30a.m. was not my first choice, but getting the perfect lemon donut and some nice Starbucks coffee made everything better! Sightseeing and some famous food places were in store for us today. Between the World Trade Center, Central Park, and Rockefeller Center, I was toured out. I also had the chance to go to Ellen’s Stardust Diner for lunch and Magnolias bakery for a wonderful Cinderella cupcake!

Regent University - FAO Schwarz

Have you ever been to the huge Toys-R-Us right in Times Square? I have and I love it, being the four-year-old that I am at heart, but I was never allowed to ride the Ferris wheel inside of it. For the first time ever, my boyfriend, Ryan (who is slightly afraid of heights), took me on the Ferris wheel, and it was perfect!  Some of our other groups members embraced their inner child and went to another big toy store, FAO Schwarz, where they played the big piano keyboard. Then, dinner in Little Italy with the whole group and a long subway ride back ended the long and cold but pretty awesome free day.

-Jacqueline Satterfield

09 Mar 2013 LeilaMills

NYC Mission Trip Day 6

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Regent University - Brooklyn BridgeI can’t believe our week of ministry is almost over! We have been learning so much and are grateful for this opportunity to serve. Here is a recap from our final day of ministry.

Today, our last day of ministry, was a bit sad; but it also gave us a drive to do even more than we had done the previous days. We started out as a whole group doing a prayer walk on the Brooklyn Bridge. It may have been a cold and windy day, but the ability to pray for all of New York City by walking on the bridge into Manhattan was such a privilege.

Regent University - dinerOnce we got off of the bridge, we were given three dollars each and got into groups of 3-5 for our “urban plunge.” The money was given to bless people on the streets of Manhattan. I was in a group with Nicolette Anderson and Ryan Evans. We were able to bless a man with a subway sandwich, a drink, chips, money, a Bible verse, and prayer! After our urban plunge, the whole team helped Superstorm Sandy victims in Coney Island by going door to door with food, heaters, scarves, and cleaning supplies.

We ended the day with a fun dinner in a typical New York style diner.

-Jacqueline Satterfield