04 Feb 2013 LeilaMills

Big Video Blog News!

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Video blogs are coming to this “Out of the Ordinary” blog! Part of why I love being a Regent student is because I get to be so involved in the community here. Between blogging, serving on the Regent Undergraduate Council(RUC), going to class and holding an on-campus job, I keep myself pretty busy. The best part is that I get to document all of the fun stuff I do as a Regent video blogger! I keep my little flip camera with me and record RUC meetings, time with friends, UnChapel and more. I’m not the only video blogger – there are more than ten of us! So you not only get to see my point of view, but my friends’ as well!

We’re excited that video blogs will now be posted on the “Out of the Ordinary” blog! So instead of just reading about the cool things Regent students do, you’ll get to SEE it. We have several on-campus video bloggers and even an online student video blogger that contribute to this year’s series “Regent Life.”  Keep an eye out for upcoming posts from the Regent Life team. Thanks for letting us share our stories with you!

Check out one of our most popular video blogs- a tour of the Regent Commons with video blogger, Hope!

Leila Mills

BA in Communication

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Virginia Beach, VA

Living every day like a mini vacation! Born and raised in VA Beach, VA. Fond of bucket lists and cupcakes. Spending my time trying to find the path the Lord made for me.

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