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All things C.S. Lewis

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If you’ve been reading my previous posts you are aware that I attended Oxford via the C.S. Lewis class last summer.

I have continued my own C.S. Lewis studies in my spare time, but once a month I get a nice dose of Lewis from people a lot smarter (and older) than me.

Regent has a C.S. Lewis Society on campus where students, professors, and those interested in all things Lewis can gather for about an hour and hear a lecture about Lewis. I’ve been to two of these events. The first was on Lewis’ method of communication and how we can apply that to our own creative endeavors. The second was a discussion about updating The Screwtape Letters and some of the ways and means that we can engage an audience on relevant issues.

Each meeting has been intellectually stimulating and I walk away with something new learned about Lewis, as well as something new about how to engage our world. I do wish the society would meet more often as there are a lot of topics to talk about. So if you are on campus or thinking about coming to Regent and you are a Lewis buff, well, the C.S. Lewis Society is a good enough reason. Plus, they serve free pizza. Come out to the next event on February 5!


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