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Jumping Back on the Lion

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RUCWell, it’s not a real lion. It’s the metaphorical lion associated with the Regent Undergraduate Council, aka RUC. RUC is the student government here at Regent University. It’s an organization I have been involved in since my freshman year. My first year on the council, I served as Vice President and had a blast! My second year, I stepped up to serve as President, but only served in this position for one semester before I had to step down because my grades dropped. I stayed involved with RUC as a special assistant for the rest of the year and still had a good time. Now it is my junior year of college and I’m ready to take on more responsibility again.

Special elections are only held when there are positions on the council that need to be filled. There were two executive board positions available this year: events promotion coordinator and treasurer. Since I am not so great at managing my own money, I decided to run for the event coordinator position. In this position, I would oversee all of RUC’s events and social media, which sounded like a fun job to me.

Regent University - Undergraduate Council

We’ve had elections, and since I was running unopposed, I won! It wasn’t as simple as that though. First, there is an application process for approval to run. If you have all your financial aid in order, your grades are in good standing, and you haven’t gotten into any trouble then you’ll be good to go. After you have been approved, you receive an email that says so and on a specific date, the campaigning begins. I’ve campaigned twice before for RUC and each time was greeted with success of a position. I continued that winning streak this election and I am so ready to serve as the event and promotion coordinator!

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