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Find Your Style

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Regent University - Leila's hairstylesSome say college is all about finding yourself, and in some ways, I can agree. Of course, you have the obvious growth in maturity, educational level and independence. But in my college career, the most tangible transformation has been physical and it all has to do with my hair. Yes, my hair!

You see, as a child of mixed race, my hair has always been a staple of who I am. In middle school, I couldn’t control it. It would frizz and go crazy as I tried to hold it back with a single hair tie. I had so much hair and so much frizz that I was nick-named “The Bush” one year because of my thick pony tail. In high school when I got a job and a car, I started going to the salon more and kept my hair relaxed and straight. I carried this look into college and when I couldn’t make it to the salon, my classmates would experience the full power of my poufy hair.

The summer before my sophomore year I had a sudden desire to chop all my hair off. I was tired of trying to manage it and, with a boldness that came out of nowhere, I went to my hair dresser in secret and told her to chop it all off. It sounds weird, but I felt so empowered after making that decision. I loved the way my new hair looked and so did others. I rocked the look well, but then I felt the desire for change once again this fall, the beginning of my junior year.

When I was younger, I relaxed my hair and destroyed its natural texture. Now that I had cut my hair down I could see my natural texture growing out. I wondered what I would look like in my “natural state” and started doing research. I didn’t do a lot of research though before I decided to just take the plunge. I had my lady cut off the rest of my processed hair and in the end loved the results! My natural hair makes me feel strong and I laugh because I think, “God this is the way you intended my hair to look and I think it is the best.”

My changes with my hair have shown me that I have grown in self-confidence and awareness. I changed my hair both times because I wanted to. I didn’t care what others thought of my new styles because I loved them. In that way, I found a part of myself in college and, even though I wish I had found it sooner, I am so happy to know who I am now…in my hair!

Leila Mills

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Living every day like a mini vacation! Born and raised in VA Beach, VA. Fond of bucket lists and cupcakes. Spending my time trying to find the path the Lord made for me.

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2 Responses to “Find Your Style”

  1. Reply Alonté Cross says:

    Leila, your readiness to make decisions for yourself without the consideration of other’s opinions is admirable. People can learn from that quality. Your hair looked great before, and it looks great now!

    Thanks for sharing this snapshot of your journey.

  2. Reply Shalanda Braman says:

    Leila, I too am a natural woman. I had a fear of being judged by my appearance, but after years of living a curly life, I have found that I am okay being me! :) It took getting used to, but it is now who I am. My style was God made. We are beautiful the way we are!!

    WAY TO GO!!!

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