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What Does Regent Feel Like?

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Regent University Performing Arts CenterWhen people discuss a college campus they may describe its scenery.
“Look at that beautiful tree!”|
“Check out that architecture!”
“I love this open field!”

They may also chat about events and activities that occur.
“Yeah, we’ve got an outdoor study group.”
“Those guys practice on the lake every day.”
“Let’s go; the concert is starting.”

These people may also post pictures online to share with their family and friends. Pictures are good. They let you visualize college life; they let you experience a part of it. Some photographs even let you feel what it may be like to attend there.

Personally, I can’t speak to the nature of attending class every day or living on campus as I am an online student. However, I am able to walk the campus every day and I can tell you what I feel when I stroll about.

I feel beauty.

Beauty? You can’t feel beauty–you see it, you say.

Rightly so, but what is seeing something if you get no feeling from it? You might as well walk around in the dark.

When I walk around campus and behold the well-groomed grounds, the majestic trees, the colonial themed architecture that speaks to times past, I feel it. The beauty overwhelms me, sweeping me up in its embrace, imparting something to me that I can carry with me all my days and share with others. I feel privileged to be able to walk around such a beautiful place, thankful to those who work hard to make it such, and mindful of the pleasures God has given to His children.

I look at a tree with its multicolored leaves while the sun rakes its rays over them and I feel beauty.

I see a stream of fountain of water arch into the air and splash down upon the stone it tried so hard to escape from and I feel beauty.

I gaze at the clay brick buildings and marvel at the craftsmanship and I feel beauty.

I watch students scamper to and stroll from class and I feel beauty.

Why do I feel this? Where does this feeling of beauty come from?

It comes through the people that work hard on and around campus and it comes through the blessings and fortunes that Regent has been bestowed. When I walk around campus, I feel a little bit of God shine through. I feel a little bit of His beauty.

Timothy Nargi

MFA in Screenwriting

Online Student

Woodbridge, VA

Find me playing ice hockey (go Rangers!), kayaking, or visiting historical sites with my wife. I believe film and sports can be an excellent platform for setting an example on how to live like Christ and for Christ.
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