17 Oct 2012 KevinMills

Define Your Rat Race

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Regent University - advertisementsGosh we’re busy – North America in general. We suffer daily from a thousand noises – coffee shops have baristas calling orders across the room, while loud fusion music tries to set a culture and tone.

While this goes on in the background, we’re bombarded by advertisements on our coffee cups, napkins, phones and laptops – all of which try to make their priorities our priorities.

Communication and information overload has become the norm in our culture. As business and technology expert, Peter Senge, so cunningly stated – technology has far by-passed human ability. Consequently, we are left in a perpetual state of catch-up. Ironically and worst of all is that it’s a catch-up that is not defined.

It’s one thing to be racing towards a defined finish line – it’s another to be in a race with an undefined end. Ask yourself, do you have a defined “finish line?” Do you know what career accolade and/or achievement will mark the accomplishment of personal success? What income bracket? What degree? What house, car, family, spouse? Or have you relegated yourself to believing you’ll “know it when you see it”?

We are living in an insanely busy time and society – define your personal goals and be as specific as possible. We are living in a time where the prevailing marketing attitude exacerbates and influences a never-ending paranoia of “falling behind” the Jones’.

Define what success is to you and be content when it’s achieved – this requires a moral and personal ethos mooring.

Kevin Mills

BA in Leadership Studies

Online Student

Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada

I am currently seeking a Bachelor of Science with a major in Organizational Leadership (Focus on Leadership) and minor in Psychology, since both fields are intimately intertwined. Furthermore, this will aid me in better facilitating personal growth within myself and those whom I have the privilege to be an influence to.
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