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The Holy Spirit and the Life of the Mind

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Integrating faith, learning and living into our individual callings; that’s a challenge.  Seven years ago, I had it down; I had a scripture for every class I taught. I had a devotional or chapter and verse for each class, and knew how to apply it to that day’s lesson. I prayed with students and guided them according to scriptural principles. It was all going so smoothly. If anyone asked, I could give them my philosophy of teaching, how I believed teaching through relationships and meeting each student at their need was how the Lord equipped me to integrate faith into my teaching. I had it down.

Then the bomb dropped. An event took place that changed everything I felt about God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus and myself. After waiting all my life to have children, I had a son. I was so ecstatic when I got pregnant, having spent many years trying and failing. Once again, as in my work, I had done everything right. I went to the doctor, took the vitamins, drank lots of water. It was all supposed to be okay. We were supposed to have a beautiful little boy who would grow up and play football for the Dallas Cowboys. He would succeed in life like his parents had, with six advanced degrees between the two of us. Isn’t that what God promised?

But that’s not what happened. I awoke at 5:30 in the morning and was rushed to the hospital for an emergency C-section. After he was born, the pediatrician came to me, as I lay there, literally still cut open. I still remember her words. “He generally seems fine, but I see something in the facial structure.” That was when the Lord pulled a veil over me. If I had fully tried to take in what was happening it would have been too much. My son, Zane, was born with Down Syndrome. Everything that happened in the next couple of weeks seemed so surreal. This was not how it was supposed to go. I didn’t know it then, but the Holy Spirit was about to play a huge part in my life. Little did I know that the Holy Spirit would show me not only how to have patience and raise a child with challenges, but He would teach me how to listen and understand when there are no words, as my son cannot speak. At one point, we took my son to a healing prayer service. When we brought him up for prayer, the preacher looked at me and said, “You need a miracle.” I said, “Yes we do.” I was so touched by the man’s sensitivity to what we needed. A few years later I was in my office, counseling a student who had some very real problems regarding his schoolwork and home life. The Holy Spirit spoke to me and I said to the student, “You need a miracle.” Funny how the Holy Spirit will sustain, inform, comfort and equip, not only in raising a challenging child but to use my experience with Him, and my son, to minister to my students, to show them a perspective on life that is filled, not just with ambition and intellect, but with love and passion.

Dr. Lorene Wales

School of Communication & Arts

Tilson, NY

Dr. Wales is a professor in Cinema-Television specializing in film production and race and gender issues in the media. She has worked as a filmmaker and educator for more than 20 years.

25 Responses to “The Holy Spirit and the Life of the Mind”

  1. Reply Wayne White says:

    “…I had it down…, “then the bomb dropped…”.

    A familiar experience and learning; varying circumstances; for many that love and follow Jesus Christ. And it can lead (or drive) us into deeper and stronger dependence and trust on Him. Friends of mine have lost two of their children to cancer, and a third has just been diagnosed (with a poor prognosis) to cancer. My life looks like a cakewalk next to theirs. Their faith and trust shines visibly like a bright beacon to all those around them, and it is real, not an act. So we trust Him in all things.

  2. Reply Kelly Dorney says:

    Dear Dr. Wales,
    Thank-You for sharing the “Light” that is at the end of seemingly hopeless tunnels of life. His ways are not our ways, but in the end, we are refined as gold. Keep Shining for Him!

  3. Reply WAM says:

    Loved your blog!

    Sometimes with my simple human mind, I think God is up there with a big ol computer writing everyone’s life. All we live is already decided for us. But who knows? I’ve been wrong about so many things, so many times…..but maybe that’s the way my life has been written? Wish I knew.

    Made so many mistakes in life, so many in my tv career because of severe adhd..even at my age, ……but somehow I still always have Hope.

    Without hope life is bleak. Hope supports Faith, Faith supports Hope. Sometimes I lose both, but eventually I always come back to them….

  4. Reply Denise says:

    That is a beautiful story, I just bought a book by Cash Luna called “In Honor Of the Holy Spirit”. I am a Christian woman looking for a deeper relationship with God, I also ordered a book from Stormie regarding “Prayer in a womans life” as I am a single parent with two children, both whom are miracles babies, the first I was told by Doctors she wouldn’t live, because I was hit by a van while crossing the streets of NY in my 6th month of pregnancy, and went into premature labor. My now 17 year old daughter was born the following day weighing 2 pounds, and went down to 1 pound and 9 ounces. I have a second daughter, now, 1 1/2 years old. However, I had been told a few years ago that because I have liver cirrhosis among other medical problems, I could not have a baby, although it was possible for me to get pregnant, but if I did, either she or I would die. I would have to choose whose life would live. I got pregnant in 2010 and was horrified because of my fear of what Doctors had told me, however, I don’t believe in abortions although they tried to encourage it. Instead, I prepared my older daughter for my inevitable death because I chose my babies life over my own. Today I can honestly say, that my baby girl was born at 38 weeks, healthy and perfect and beautiful and as you can see I am still alive and blessed. God has given me such great joy in these two little angels that came as blessings in my life. I know the power of God, and I now seek a more intimate and supernatural relationship with him. Your story truly moved me. God bless you and your child.

  5. Reply Willard Bertrand says:

    Thank you for your touching story. I believe that God creates each of by the second. Imbedded into your created being is God’s message to you and thus we join together as God’s messengers. Each of us has the same spiritual message capacity, but few become aware of it. It is not power, it is loving.

  6. Reply alain sassonte says:

    I KNOW that the Holy Spirit is alive & amongst us, too! Your story, Dr Wales, is the stuff for an inspirational book, Ma’am. I have seen, close-up & personally, the effect of Down Syndrome within a brother- & sister-in-laws’ family unit. It was a very trying & uplifting experience at the same time.

    Many years ago I got the idea for a book on the subject of how the Holy Spirit works through the Static Media. 18 months back I actually started to gather the basics of the writing exercise ang started interviewing pastors face-2-face across their desks.

    I stumbled across a totally unintended and unanticipated revelation: the ‘static media’ that I had thought about had ACTUALLY CAUSED SOULS TO, LITERALLY, TURN THEMSELVES AROUND & BACK TOWARDS GOD!

    I have had to put the project on to the ‘backburner’ because of the cost of the field research…….the cost of gasoline/petrol!

    Please think about writing a book about your actual experience and contact with the Holy Spirit, Dr Wales……He’s working through you, M’dear!

    I will remember you in my prayers, dear Dr.


  7. Reply Evangelist Bessie Holmes-White says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience. It is truly awesome how God will work things out for our good according to Romans 8:28. In our Christian walk, tests and trials will come, must come, IN ORDER FOR OUR FAITH AND TRUST IN GOD TO GROW. It is in our seasons of tests and trials that we are pushed to fight the good fight of faith. Yes, the flesh says to give up when we are disappointed that things are not going the way we want them to go. Yes, sometimes despair seems to overwhelm us, but thank God for His precious Holy Spirit. He is then more real to us than ever. For the Holy Spirit will comfort us. He will strengthen us, encourage us, give us hope, heal our broken hearts and ailing bodies, guide us and equip us to deal with life’s challenges and disappointments. The Holy Spirit will lead us closer to Jesus if we allow Him to during how darkest hours and darkest experiences. The test and trials are only for a season, even when we don’t know how long the season will be. Even when we feel that we can’t make it through the SEASON OF TESTING, THE SEASON OF TRIALS. The Holy Spirit is there with us. He will help us to bring us through it. When we rely on the Holy Spirit for strength, comfort, guidance and peace we can endure anything that comes our way! Even when it things we least expect and things we think we could never accept. It is reassuring to know that GOD WILL WORK IT ALL OUT FOR OUTR GOOD! WITHOUT THE TEST, THERE WOULD BE NO TESTIMONY!!

    From Evangelist Bessie Holmes-White
    Exalted Praise Broadcasting Ministries
    Phoenix AZ

  8. Reply selena mack says:

    The Holy Spirit is a teacher. He can teach you in areas that you have never been taught in. He’s a Master of challenges in our life. We must listen and obey and we will come out a winner. Thank God for your son. He is the miracle you needed.

  9. Reply Jordan says:

    I’m glad your relationship is improving with God

  10. Reply Bob says:

    As a communications student / professor I am surprised that you would say “but He would teach me how to listen and understand when there are no words, as my son cannot speak”. I can understand that your son is nonverbal. What other ways does he communicate his needs? There are many nonverbal ways a child communicates besides speaking. Some Down Syndrome folks I have had the opportunity to work with learned a modified American Sign Language to “speak”/communicate. Other nonverbal folks gesture to communicate. What has the Holy Spirit taught you about how your son communicates? Thank you for your article.

  11. Reply Penny Rowlan says:

    Thank you for this article. Refreshing and comforting to read of God and His
    loving,gentle work in the lives of His people.

  12. Reply Anne says:

    Inspiring for other educators! Reminds us that we are not alone and that maybe we can plant seeds of faith in our students. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Reply Patricia R says:

    This is truly an inspiring story. So often we forget to acknowledge the Holy Spirit in our every day lives. He is so important and such a prominent presence that we would do well to recognize Him and His contribution to our spiritual walk. Thanks for reminding us to stop asking God why and start asking how we can be more effective to others and bring them closer to Christ.

  14. Reply Celestine Tabler says:

    This was a very moving article which recognizes my spiritual attitudes. My heart goes out to this lady as admire her faith and courage to use her Promise” to help others and strengthen her faith.God bless her and her son.This should help some of us who have
    gone thru loss of children early in life{SIDS, Stillborn. Accidental } God is our comforter!

  15. Reply Rachelle says:

    What such a powerful story. From one mother to another, life can get hard when faced with challenges. Your story serves as confirmation on how we need to put our full trust in God and trust Him for what occurs in our lives. As the scripture says that is a time and purpose for everything. What happened to you happened for a reason. And in the end it is for you and your families good. Take care and God bless you and yours.

  16. Reply Marlena Taylor says:

    THANK YOU! This was a beautiful reminder of how we are walking a journey…but never alone. Our life experiences allow us to minister to other hurting people. For once we were hurting and were ministered too. Blessings~

  17. Reply Lilah says:

    The wonderful Holy Spirit without any pre-knowledge on our part gently touches us and ignites a fire in us like nothing we have ever seen or felt before. How very blessed you are for having heard and recognized.that gentle whispering of the Holy Spirit.
    May God bless you and your family through all eternity. I look forward to knowing more of your story and of your exciting adventures with the Holy Spirit.

  18. Reply Keith Angelety says:

    I stopped believing in god because he created evil and will not take responsiblity for it. Because he will not get rid of it. or use only on those who are disobedient to him. I just live by what goes around comes around, therefore do unto others as you expect to get back in life.

  19. Reply Jannie says:

    Hi. Thank you for sharing. I chose to read the article because it had “Holy Spirit” in the title. I am in the growth process of learning to hear Holy Spirit’s voice. I know that the joy of the Lord is your strength; so, stay strong in the Lord and in the power of His might I will remember you in prayer. Jannie

  20. Reply Bill says:

    Wonderful story. Your challenges are indeed difficult. Our only son has had challenges also, but that are less difficult. May God continue to bless you and your family. God will give you strength and wisdom.

  21. Reply Carol says:

    I so enjoyed your blog about The Holy Spirit and the Life of the Mind. At seventy years young, I’ve been blessed by the presence of The Holy Spirit on many occasions, including times when my life was spared. The nature of The Holy Spirit is so sweet and real, there have been times it felt that if I could just reach out, I would be able to physically feel him. When the scriptures tell us to remain in an attitude of prayer, and to pray without ceasing, I wonder if the indwelling of The Holy Spirit is what makes this possible.

    The Holy Spirit is a gift promised to us by our Heavenly Father, and with our busy and hurried lives, it’s important to be still before God so our sensitivity to His Spirit can grow. By now I’m sure you recognize what a gift God gave you when He sent Zane into your life. Thank you for sharing.

  22. Reply Anne says:

    I loved this it is so true what God can do with using the Holy Spirit as our guide.

  23. Reply R. Mantle says:

    Beautiful piece, just beautiful. Sometimes our blessings come in the most unusual ways – those least expected. Take care and God bless!

  24. Reply Trish Dunning says:

    My son is 23 years old, and has Down Syndrome. He is the joy of our lives. His two older sisters and I have watched him grow and celebrated every milestone that he has achieved. I truly believe that we are the blessed ones, to have Jonathan in our lives.
    I also have students, ages 5 through 8, in my Sunday school class. Jonathan attends a class with the 9 through 12 year olds. His presence has taught many students that God doesn’t make all of us alike, and we need to be tolerant of all mankind’s differences.
    Indeed the Holy Spirit has continued to enlighten my life, as the challenges present themselves. Aren’t we fortunate to have His guiding light. If only everyone would submit to His infinite love!
    Enjoyed your post very much!

  25. Reply Jeff Smith says:

    I would suggest that this is another case where affluence and Christianity work with each other. Suppose you were broke and unemployed when the son was born? Suppose — as in my case — you have three collkege degrees and can’t get any sort of job anywhere doing anything, likely on account of not pursuing until midlife, having been born in adverse circusmtances. Suppose your mind and talent were rotting away from lack of use, drained off in incessantly filling out idiot emplpoyment forms designed by idiot HR types? Suppose everyone in your circle was doing fine, or better than fine, and you did evrything right and are going down in flames? How do you then connect with the Holy Spirit? How do you deal with your new challenege evry day to even maintain belief?

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